Crypto Crash Pushes Bitcoin’s Rout to Near $700 Billion

Nov.23 — Crytocurrencies are suffering their worst week of 2018 as Bitcoin slips closer to $4,000. Bloomberg’s Alastair Marsh reports on “Bloomberg Markets.”


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7 Thoughts to “Crypto Crash Pushes Bitcoin’s Rout to Near $700 Billion”

  1. When institutions miss the train, institutions don't wait for the next one; they bring it bakkt 🙂

    Always DCA & buy the dip.

  2. You stupid f#cks the trillionares are f#cking the people of the world stealing their hard earned 💰 money the people of the world need to take the world over and kick the creepy f#ckin scam -con artist trillionares off the planet ! Let the creepy f#ckin trillionares go live on mars !.

  3. Btc hitting 1300 real soon

  4. drop it like it's hottttttt

  5. IT'S BECAUSE OF THE BITCOIN CASH IDIOTS ROGER VER AND CRAIG WRIGHT. Bitcoin probably $3000 end of the year at this rate.

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