What Oil, Gold, Bitcoin Signal for ETF Investors

Nov.23 — Bloomberg Intelligence’s Mike McGlone examines the impact of oil, gold, and Bitcoin on the ETF market. He speaks on “Bloomberg Markets.”


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18 Thoughts to “What Oil, Gold, Bitcoin Signal for ETF Investors”

  1. Bullshit, BTC is equal if not better than gold.

  2. Deflation prices Fed's should react sooner then later.

  3. R R

    FED will come out and lower interest rates to 0 again and start buying bonds and stocks and maybe also some homes and cars…….lol. In the meantime people will have to work harder and longer to keep up with the inflation the FED creates. People need to stop watching bread and circuses on tv and wake up to what is really happening. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjhLp8AHAYc

  4. ETFs…hold physical gold? Really? Prove that.

  5. 📰Will Bloomberg break the news!
    Cleveland County NC Billionaire Attacked financial forms policies rewritten?
    Shelby NC police Sheriff's Acknowledge 100-500 million in Living Will Testate Estates Trust assets involving Annie Ruth HUNT ( browner) Shelby …

  6. Do NOT buy Gold Etf’s . Bitcoin is superior in every single way . Do not be stupid and listen to these talking head faggots . Do your own research you’ll see that Bitcoin is going to run over these dumbasses in 3 yrs

  7. 10x holdings in Gold ETFs..sounds like a crowded trade to me

  8. Bitcoin will eventually become a stable asset. Look at the inflation curve and the halvening. We have to go through a speculative phase to an equity phase to a store of value phase to get to global cryptocurrency widely accepted as just a currency phase. We’re simply not through the speculative phases yet.

  9. There’s only 21 million bitcoin. How much gold is in the world?

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  11. Bitcoin isn’t an asset, never was. It’s proof that nobody ever learns anything from history. Digital tulips.

  12. Thanks for silly Wish app Ad. Just stopped following Bloomberg M & F when the channel from YouTube condone their channels to be a funnel for silly Ads.

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